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Sapras Architects & Associates

At SAA "we strive for excellance at whatever we do"

With the extravagance entering the residential, commercial & corporate sectors,SAA is a one stop solution.
We take pride in our designing style. Warmth & comfort, relaxations & entertainment emanate from the interiors. Dramatic lighting decoration creates luxury & dramatic atmosphere. Unusual textures adorn the house facade.
The place of work is the identity tag for a modern executive. At the same time it is a channel for communication with the outside world.
As such while designing a corporate office, it is necessary to strike a balance between the functional needs and the aesthetics desired. An environment conducive of comfortable working & integration of individual efforts into a composite whole. Designing a corporate office includes the latest standards of interior design, architecture, ergonomics & engineering. A unique & characteristic interior design is a good source to give identity & individuality in a mass produced society. It's not just an aspect of decoration but intimately related with the performance.
With more and more indulgence of customers our designers are coming up with eye-popping wonders. They are not only extending their know-how in merchandise presentation but also in promotion.
Where a store was once no more than a glorified warehouse or an indoor bazaar, designer boutiques have come up. And as the creative talent is sprouting up, they are showing ways of how menchandise can be housed and presented with style. Nowhere does the environment compete with the merchandise. In fact, colour, lighting, featuring and special arrangements all work together to present what's offered with drama & clarity. Simple light forms, using stone, glass, mirror & walnut convey a sleek, contemporary & luxury edge.

At SAA '' We offer a rich diversity in the buildings structuring, layout and finished decor. "

At SAA "We embark upon sheer richness & aesthetic value of the Indian & Contemporary architecture."
Welcome to Sapras Architects & Associates
 Architecture Based Services                    Detailed Design include            
 Architecture Based Drawings  Landscape Design
 Conceptual & Structure Design  Furniture Design
 Sanctioning Drawings  Toilets-Kitchens Designs
 Standard Specifications  False Ceiling & Flooring Designs
 Tender Design  Electrical-Lighting & HVAC Design
 • Detailed Specification Design  Detailed Exterior & Facade Design
 Estimates- Preliminary & Quantity  Habitable Spaces Design
 Detailed Architectural Designs  Plumbing and Sanitation Design
 3Ds for Visualisation  Fenestration – Door Window Design
Project Management
CPM and PERT Charts (Work Schedules and 
    Progress Review)
Material Management
Labour Management
Machinery and Tool Management
Work Execution and Site Management